Manual Reconciliations

Manual Reconciliations

Selecting Reconciliation>Manual Reconciliations from the menu provides a view of all transactions and confirmations that have not yet been reconciled for the selected account.

Selecting Cashbook View or Bank View will direct the user to the Filter where the data from both sides can be filtered.

Selecting the arrow () will add the chosen cashbook or bank transaction to the matched transactions screen. The checkboxes can also be used to add multiple records to the matched transactions screen. If the auto reconcile box is checked, transactions which are an exact amount match will be reconciled when Matched is clicked. There is no need to then click the Reconcile button.

If you can't find a transaction which should be included in the match you can use the Search all Transactions box. This will apply a range to the matched balance and newest date and search for both Reconciled and Unreconciled transactions which match the criteria. If you find the transaction you can break the existing match if needed and load it directly into the Matched section of the Manual Recon Screen.

The Reconcile button is inactive because the amounts don’t match. If the selected transactions do not match and we know there is no other transaction which is equal to the difference we can create a balancing entry by selecting Create Balancing Entry.

Add the allocations as needed and click Save & Reconcile to complete your reconciliation. If the Allocated Amount does not equal the balancing entry amount, you won't be able to save it.

Tagging items:

Selecting the Save Tag button will allow the user to create a tag that will associate the cashbook transaction(s) and the bank transaction(s) and identify them easily for follow-up. These tags can be retrieved and managed by going to the tag screen.