Search all Transactions

If you have identified one side of a match but can't find the other side and suspect it has been reconciled already, you can use the 'Search all Transactions' functionality to try find it.

You will see this box on the Manual Recon Screen to the right of the Matched Difference and Description boxes.

It allows you to search all transactions, reconciled and unreconciled, to find ones which match the search criteria. There are three criteria: Amount Range, Date Range and Reference search. The amount range is defaulted based on the Matched Difference and the Date Range on the newest date of the selected transactions. Reference is a free text box which can be specified if required and will find matches across all of the reference fields. Bank and Cashbook is selected based on the sign of the matched balance and the selected transactions.

To configure the default Date and Amount Ranges for each account click on the Configure link. The default range for Amount is +-R0.1 and Date is +-1 weeks. Amount Range options are +-R0.1, +-R0.5, +-R0, +-R1, +-R5, +-R10. Date range options are +-1 week, +-2 weeks, +1 week/-3 weeks, +3weeks/-1week, +0 weeks/-4 weeks, +4 weeks, -0weeks.

Clicking Search will load all transactions that match the criteria on the Bank/Cashbook Transaction Screen. The search criteria is also shown so you know what you were looking for.

If the required transaction is reconciled you can break the existing match then select the transaction/s using the check boxes and click the 'Match Selected' button. The selected transactions will be automatically moved to the Matched section of the manual recon screen so you can do your reconciliation.

If you want to stay on the View Transaction Screen and search for other transactions simply use the existing filters. Any transactions returned on this screen can be moved to the Matched section of the manual recon screen, it doesn't matter how they were found.