Tags are used to keep track of selected records by associating transactions to one another. Tags allow the associated transactions to be easily identified and loaded when they can be reconciled and they can be emailed to someone for follow-up. The email is sent from your email address and any replies will come to your inbox. If you try send an email and it tells you it can't be done, please speak to your Bank Recon administrator who can then add the necessary settings. You can direct them to this page for information on what needs to be done: Configure Bank Recon to send an email from a tag

A tag is created from the Manual Recon screen by moving transactions into the Matched section and clicking on 'Save Tag'. The Save Tag screen will be loaded where you can add a description to the tag and send a mail with the tagged transactions and information to someone for further investigation. The email section is displayed when the Send Email check box is selected.

All created tags can be viewed through the Select Reconciliation>Tags menu item. By default you will only see your own tags. Check the 'Show tags for all users' box to see all tags.

Selecting the name of the tag will show the details of that tag. You can view any sent emails in the comments and emails section or by selecting the 'Send Email' checkbox. A new mail can be sent or an existing email resent.

Selecting the Cleanup Tags button on the Tag Details Screen will provide a prompt. If you click OK, all existing tags with no unreconciled transactions associated to them will be deleted.