Configure Bank Recon to send an email from a tag

It is possible to send an email directly from a tag. In order to do this you need to complete a little bit of configuration first.

    • This is available to both Windows Authentication and Forms Authentication implementations.

      • When Windows Authentication is applied, the users email address is read from Active Directory.

      • If Forms Authentication is applied, a valid email address needs to be associated with the user. You can do this on the Setup>Users>Add/Edit User screen.

You need to set up an smtp server that Bank Recon can use to send the email. Navigate to Setup>Site Configurations>General to do this. The following settings are available

    • SMTP Host - A valid smtp server

    • SMTP Port - the port to use to communicate with the smtp server

    • SMTP Username - a username to access the smtp server if required

    • SMTP Password - the password for the user

    • SMTP Enable SSL - check if your smtp server requires an ssl connection

As long as the users have rights to Save a tag, they'll now be able to send an email. The email comes from the user directly so any replies will go to their inbox.