Manually Reconcile Transactions

Transactions that can't be auto reconciled or journalled can be reconciled manually

  • Select the required account - manual reconciliation is done per account

  • Select Reconciliation | Manual Reconciliation

  • Use the Cashbook View and Bank View button to view and apply filters and groupings to the transaction data

  • You can save a filter view for future use by clicking Save Profile

  • Select the transactions to match from the cashbook side and the match transaction on the bank side

  • Add a tag if you can't reconcile these transactions yet and want to keep track of them

  • If you check the Auto reconcile box, any exact matches dropped into the match section will automatically match

    • If there is a difference in the selected transactions, you will need to add a balancing entry

      • Specify the details, gl account and vat rate and click the Save and Reconcile button to create the balancing entry and complete the reconciliation

    • If there is no difference you can just click Reconcile