BankRecon users are created per Domain Group and then assigned to User Roles per Domain in the Domain Group. It means that the user will inherit the Role’s access rights across all accounts in the assigned Domain. Users cannot be associated across more than 1 Domain Group. Selecting Admin>Users directs the user to the User Admin screen where all the users of the BankRecon application can be edited, deleted and new users added.

Users can be added by selecting the Add button and entering all the required fields, then selecting Save.

Users can be edited by selecting the name of the user. This opens the edit user screen. It looks and works the same as the Add User screen. Here the user details are configured. Selecting Save will update the user.

Resetting a user’s password is done by selecting Reset Password.

If OK is selected, the user's password is reset to "password". The user can then change it by selecting the change password link ( ), thereafter they are directed to the Change Password Screen.

The user now enters the existing password and the new password and selects update.