Use the GL Export Functionality

In most environments, the same data that provides the Cashbook Transactions, feeds the General Ledger system. There are always transactions in Bank Recon that won't be in the General Ledger system - interest charges that get journalled and balancing entries for example. And sometimes you may use Bank Recon to drive the entire GL Process. The General Ledger export process allows you to prepare selected transactions so that they can be posted to the GL system

    1. Set up a General Ledger Export Definition

      1. This is based on Batch Type

    2. When run, all transactions in approved batches for the accounts and batch types in the definition will be exported to the General Ledger Export Table

    3. The Key is Batch Close Date. Every time the definition is executed it will process any batches closed after the last time it was executed

    4. The main GL account associated with the transaction is taken from it's GL Allocation/s

      1. If the Amount is positive this will be the Credit GL Account

      2. If the amount is negative this will be the Debit GL Account

    1. The Contra GL Account is the Cashbook GL Account as per the Account setup

      1. Bank Recon only allows for one Contra GL Account per account. There is no way to assign different transactions to a different contra

    1. The GL Export table contains an External Reference field that allows you to track the processing of the exported transactions in the External system and help with identifying which transactions have already been processed