Supported Bank Statements

Bank Recon supports the following bank statement formats from various South African and International Banks. If you have a format that isn't listed here please add a Zendesk ticket with the statement format doc and a sample attached and we will see if it can be added. If you need samples or specs for any of these formats contact the Digiata office for assistance.

Standard Bank

  • CATS

  • MIL99

  • SBSA Comma Delimited - Single and Multiple Accounts

First National Bank


  • Cash Management System


  • ABSA Host-toHost (Statement 4)

  • ABSA Cash Focus CSV



  • CSV - Single and Multiple Statement

  • NedInform ASCII Fixed Width File

  • NedAcad


  • ASCII Comma Delimited

PNB Paribas

  • CSV Statement of Extraction

Zimbabwe Banks - all csv formats

    • AgriBank

    • BancABC

    • Barclays

    • CABS

    • FBC

    • MBCA

    • NMB

    • Standard Chartered

    • ZB Bank

General Formats ( a large number of South African and International Banks have the capabilities to provide these formats)

  • SWIFT MT940

  • SWIFT MT950

  • BAI Report

  • Generic csv - This is a generic csv file that will import into Bank Recon. All fields must be present on the file but some can be empty: Description, Additional Description, Running Balance, Closing Balance Date. All other fields MUST have values. A sample file is attached