Suggest Reconciliation

Navigate to Reconciliation >Suggestion Reconciliation

How does Suggest Work?

Suggest looks at the amount, date and all reference fields of unreconciled transactions to find possible matches. These are returned to the user who can the reconcile them if they are correct or ignore them if they aren't. It works particularly well where client or transaction numbers are available but also works to match on names and other values. It will group Cashbook and Bank Data to find matches but the amounts on both side must always be the same. Matches can be based on common whole words across all transactions (Exact Match), whole word on one transaction matching to part of a word on other transactions (Partial Match), or no common words but the amounts (not a multiple of 10) are the same (Amount Match).

Matching words are highlighted on the screen, making it easy to see why the match was Suggested. If there are multiple combinations contain the same references, the user will have different options to examine and choose from. As the user you have the power to add or remove words for future matching - ensuring you always get the best results.

    • Mouse over a word to see what field it came from and what you can do with it. (Remove it from matching if it is currently used or Add it to matching if it is currently ignored). Click on the link in the text box to complete the action.

    • A count of Suggestions remaining is shown in the top left. This number will change as transactions are reconciled (auto recon, suggest recon or manual recon) and new suggestions are made.

    • Click 'Reconcile' to make a match and 'Next' and 'Back' to navigate between options.

    • The previous reconciliation can be undone from the Suggest Screen by clicking on 'Undo'.

    • Ignore Options for the Suggestion by clicking on 'Ignore All Options' or click on the 'x' on the particular option to ignore it but keep the other options available on the screen.

    • The Matched bar below the suggestions available count gives information about why the match was made.

What if I don't see any Suggestions?

    • Check with your support team that you user has the correct rights to access the Suggest Reconciliation menu item.

    • Contact your Bank Recon Site Administrator and confirm that the suggest process is active and that there is a wide range of match criteria set up.

    • Suggest may not find possible matches for all accounts, it depends on the type of data and reference fields which are found.