Reconcile Across Accounts

It is possible to reconcile transactions across accounts in Bank Recon. This can be done both through the Manual Recon screen and through auto recon rules. To do this the following needs to be true

    • Allow Transfer of Transactions is allowed on the accounts

    • The accounts are in the same domain

    • For auto recon rules

      • allow the rule to run across accounts and ensure you aren't matching on account id

    • For manual recon

      • Check the Search across accounts box on the Cashbook and/or ban filter

How it works - Manual Recon

    • Selected transactions are transferred to the active account

    • This is done by reconciling them in the source account (creating a contra balancing entry on the Cashbook) and creating a new Cashbook Transaction in the destination account

    • These transferred transactions are used in a reconciliation in the active account

    • Any balancing entry required is created in the active account

    • A link is maintained between the transfer reconciliations and the final reconciliation

How it works - Auto Recon

    • The transfer is done to the first account identified by the rule

    • The transfer and linking process is exactly the same

Unreconciling an across accounts match

    • This can be done from any of the accounts involved in the match

    • All the linked reconciliations are removed

    • You will need to follow up on the balancing entries created as part of the process and deal with them as needed - see Managing Balancing entries for suggestions