A user might want to save a particular display and filter settings once defined. This can be done by saving the view settings as a user profile for a specific account for later application from the Manual Reconciliations screen.

Once the Cashbook and Bank views have been defined as required, select the Save Profile button.

The user is prompted for a profile Name and Save is selected. The user is returned to the Manual Reconciliation screen and the currently selected profile information is displayed.

To load or change to an existing profile, select the profile from the Cuurent Profile dropdown list.

To remove an existing profile select Remove Profile and the current user profiles for that account will be displayed.

Selecting () removes the required profile and returns the user to Manual Reconciliation screen.

The View Format option allows to user to change the alignment and length of certain fields in order to customize the way data is displayed. The View Format settings can is also stored with a user profile. Select the View Format button to display settings.

In the Above sample the user has selected to show the Bank Statement Details data as right aligned and to a maximum length of 10 characters.