Login and Account Selector

Login and Account Selector

The user needs a valid username and password (if using forms authentication) or their windows user name must be set up in Bank Recon (if using Windows Authentication) to login and select the required bank account. All accounts are listed under the relevant Domain Group and Domain. Once the account is selected all Cashbook and Bank Transactions and Reconciliation items will be filtered for that account.

The user login when navigating to the site:

After the login, the menu will be unavailable until an account is selected.

A specific Domain Group, Domain or Account can now be selected. A count of outstanding tags created by the user, unreconciled Cashbook and Bank Transactions and available Suggestions is shown next to each account name. The links are clickable and will navigate the user to the particular screen.

Search accounts shows a drop down list of accounts which match the search term which the user can select. This will load the Landing page with the selected account.

Once a Domain Group, Domain or Account has been selected it will appear under the menu bar. Clicking on the account ribbon will direct the user to the account selector screen.