• Run the installation file:

    • Bank Recon will perform a check to ensure Report Viewer and MSTDC are installed. Click on Next:

    • Select “I accept the terms in the License Agreement” and click on Next:

  • Complete the user details and click on next:

    • Select features to install, specifying the install path. Bank Recon will remember this install path and default to it every time you upgrade. Click on Next:

    • If the BankRecon IIS virtual directory is selected for installation the IIS virtual directory name is entered. Click on Next:

    • Enter your DB credentials and test the connection. For clean installs the connection to the Server is tested since we don't know if Bank Recon must update an existing database or create a new database yet. For upgrades we test the connection to the specified database. You can specify an existing Database on a clean install if you needed to do a fresh install for some reason. Click on Next:

    • Select your authentication type and enter the appropriate User credentials. This user becomes the first Site Admin User on the system. You will only need to specify the authentication type and user on a clean install. Click on Next:

    • Click on Install.

  • Click on Finish.


Go to Control Panel | Administration Tools. Open the Services option to see if the Bank Reconciliation Process Service has started.

Select the Bank Reconciliation Process Service and select Start the service if the service has not automatically started up.