Import Cashbook Transactions with Multiple GL Allocations

  • Bank Recon allows you to import one cashbook transaction that has multiple General Ledger Allocations associated with it.

  • To do this you make use of the Optional GroupId Column allowed in the Cashbook Import Definition query

    • You import each individual allocation as a separate record with the appropriate GL mapping

    • Give each individual allocation that belongs to one Cashbook Transaction the same GroupID Value

    • On Import Bank Recon groups the transactions on this ID and creates a single cashbook transaction with multiple Cashbook Transaction Allocation records associated to it

      • The total amount for this single Transaction is the sum of all the allocations in the group

      • The Cashbook Transaction details are pulled from the first allocation in the Group so the ordering of your records will affect this


Source Records

Cashbook Transaction Records

Created according to GroupID with the details from the first allocation record processed and the amount the sum of all the allocations

Cashbook Transaction Allocation Records

Details, Inclusive Amount, and Vat Amount as per individually imported allocations