Domain Groups, Domains and Accounts

Data in Bank Recon is grouped into 3 structures.

Domain Group

  • This is the top group

  • Domain Groups allow separate divisions in the same business to use one instance of Bank Recon

  • A user can only have access to one Domain Group

  • All access, functionality, set up is kept separate for each Domain Group


    • Domains are a logical grouping of similar accounts (eg Products, Offshore, UT, LISP)

    • Recon rules, imports, GL accounts etc are confgured per domain and act on all of the accounts

    • It is possible to transfer transactions between accounts in the same domain but not between accounts in different domains

    • Users can have access to multiple domains


    • Accounts are the lowest level

    • There is a 1-1 mapping between accounts in Bank Recon and Bank Accounts that need to be reconciled

    • A user has the same access to all the accounts in a domain