Daily Process Definitions

Daily Process Definitions

Selecting Setup>Daily Process navigates the user to the Daily Process Definitions screen.

This is used to set up definitions for daily processes. Processes that are run on a daily basis can all be pooled together here in one definition for one easy, once run process. It can also be put on a timer so that no user input is then needed. Definitions can be set up for a certain Domain Group or Domain. A definition can be added by selecting the Add button. The user is directed to the Process Definition Editor.

The user enters the Name, Description and Type and choose whether the definition should be active, and then starts choosing the details of the defintion, which can be stepped through. By default, the user first chooses which Cashbook Transaction Import Definitions to include.

After making the selecting and clicking Next, the Bank Transaction multiple file upload directory can be entered.

Next, the user chooses the relevant Bank Details Import Definitions.

After that, the user selects the Reconciliation Rules to use.

The user then selects which Journal Rules to use for creating transactions.

After selecting the rules and then selecting Next, the user needs to select the Cashbook Transfer Rules to use.

Next, the user selects the relevant General Ledger Export Rules.

The last step is to do the scheduling for the process if the user does not want to kick it off manually. The user can choose to run the process daily at a certain time, or run it at regular intervals between a given period.

Clicking Save will save the definition and redirect the user to the Process Definitions. The user can now edit the details of that definition by clicking on the name of that definition, which direct the user to the Process Definition Editor. To see the details of that definition, click on the summary (

) button.

The user can now expand different details by clicking on that part of the definition.

Selecting close will collapse the details of that Daily Process Definition.