Cashbook Batches

What are Cashbook batches?

  • Cashbook batches are a way to group certain types of transactions together, usually by their source

  • Batch Types are configured on the Setup>Batch Types screen and different batches will have different properties

  • Closing batches is a way of signing off that the transactions in the batch are correct

    • Batches created by the system (like from imports or balancing entries from auto recons) will be closed automatically

    • Batches created for manual transactions (like balancing entries from manual reconciliations) need to be validated by a user before being closed

  • All batches related to an accounting period need to be closed in order to close the accounting period

Managing Cashbook Batches

Viewing Batches

  • Open Batches can be viewed on the Transactions>Cashbook Batches>Open Cashbook Batches screen

    • The batch details can be edited

    • Individual transactions in the batch can be edited and deleted

  • All Batches can be viewed on the Transactions>Cashbook Batches>All Cashbook Batches screen

Creating Batches and Transactions

  • A new batch can be created if needed and allowed for the account (Admin>Accounts>Allow manual cashbook transaction entry)

  • Transactions can be added manually to any open batch and allowed for the account (Admin>Accounts>Allow manual cashbook transaction entry)

Closing Batches

  • The batch can be approved by a manager to signify that the recons that created the transactions in the batch are correct. See the page on balancing entries and batches for more details

Deleting Batches

  • Any open batch can be deleted

    • This will delete all balancing entries in it and unreconcile the transactions that were reconciled to create the balancing entry

  • Closed Batches can be deleted if all of the following conditions are true

    • The Allow Remove Setting on the Batch Type is True

    • The Accounting Period the batch is in is still open

    • The user has sufficient rights to delete Cashbook Batches

  • Cashbook batches containing imported transactions can also be removed by using the rollback cashbook import functionality

    • Remember that this will affect all batches across all accounts imported with the import definition

  • Deleting a batch will remove all transactions in it and delete all tags and recons associated with those transactions