Approving a Batch

How to Approve Batches

Open Cashbook Batches are created when Balancing entries and journal transactions are generated through Manual Recons, Auto Recons and running journal rules. Batches are approved by a manager to help verify that no suspicious manual matches have been made. All batches in an accounting period have to be approved in order to close the accounting period.

Open bank batches are rare as all imported bank statement batches are automatically closed. Open batches will only occur if you are manually capturing Bank Transactions. These would need to be approved in a similar method to approving Cashbook batches as described here.

    • Select the account from the Landing page

    • Navigate to Transactions>Cashbook Batches>Open Cashbook Batches

    • A list of all open batches is shown.

    • Each Batch contains a list of all the transactions included in it which is viewed by clicking on the Entries link

    • If the allocated amount equals the Batch amount the batch can be approved by clicking on the green Approve tick

    • Any batch can also be deleted. This will remove all of the transactions in it and break any reconciliations made with these transactions.

    • If the Allocated Amount is different to the batch amount you will not be able to approve it. The allocated amount will be in red

    • In this scenario click on the entries link to view the cashbook transactions

    • The incorrect allocation amounts will be listed at the top. Incorrect Allocations are red

    • The allocation of any transaction can be corrected (reconciled or not) can be fixed by clicking on the allocated Amount link

    • When all allocations are fixed you will be able to Approve the batch. Batches can be approved even if they contain unreconciled transactions.