New Manual Recon screen

The Manual Recon screen in Bank Recon has been redesigned. 

  • Navigate to Reconciliation>New Manual Reconciliation
  • Or select the unreconciled count for any account on the dashboard
  • Cashbook, Bank and Bank Details transactions are all in one long list
  • No filters, use Search instead
  • You can still Load and Save tags, Search across accounts, create profiles, Group By and create balancing entries
  • Select Items to see them in the Matched section
  • Click Reconcile to create a balancing entry if necessary and complete a reconciliation
  • You can change your display by deciding what columns you want to see and if you want your columns to be default (everything shown) or wrapped. These are saved to your profile if applicable

  • Search works a lot like it does on Google
  • If you search for 2 terms (Bank May) only transactions with both these words anywhere in them will be returned
  • This is the same as an AND search (Bank AND May)
  • An OR search (Bank OR May) returns all transactions which have either of the words in them
  • Use NOT to exclude the second term (Bank NOT May) returns transactions with Bank but excluding May
  • Quotes can be used to search for an exact phrase ("Bank May") will return transactions which has this phrase in it ie the words are next to each other
  • Brackets can be used to Group search terms and build up search strings. (Bank AND May) OR (Cashbook AND Smith). 
  • Use the Date and Amount fields to Search for exact matches or a range of transactions.
  • Enter a value in the From Field. The To Field is defaulted to the same value to perform an exact search
  • Change the From Field to search for a transactions within a range
  • Leave either From or To blank to search for everything less than or greater than the entered values
  • Check Include Matched Items to also return matched items which match your search criteria
  • Check Search across accounts to include transactions from other accounts (if allowed)
  • Select the columns you want to Group by