Check List when configuring a new Bank Recon site

Per Site
  • Add Smtp settings for the Email Tag functionality (Site Configuration>General)
  • Switch on Suggest (Suggest Configuration>General)
  • Specify a Network user to import Bank Statements if you don't want to use the Process Service user. This user needs suitable permissions to read and write to the folder (Site Configuration>General)
  • Add any other Site Admins (Admin>Users)

Per Domain Group
  • Add your Domains
  • Specify the Domain Group Bank Statement Import Folder
  • Configure User Groups
  • Add UsersĀ 
  • Add Domain Group specific Schedules
Per Domain
  • Add your accounts
  • Configure a VAT Rate
  • Add GL Accounts
  • Configure Batch Types
  • Configure Cashbook Transaction Types
  • Configure your Domain Settings
  • Configure Import Definitions and Mappings
  • Configure Cashbook Transfer Rules
  • Add Recon Rules
  • Configure General Ledger Export Definitions
  • Specify Accounting Periods if you need something other than a month (otherwise Bank Recon will create the period when needed)
  • Add Domain specific schedules
Per Account
  • Add Journal Rules
  • Configure Import Translations
  • Configure Bank Import Enrichments